Mon. May 23rd, 2022

I smell the pine and the masculine scents of bark and rustic woods as well as the most feminine of honeysuckle and flowers so fantastic. There is no perfume so organic. Tiny wildflowers and larger Black Eyed Susans sway in the breeze and grow radiculously. Today I see a black bee with red markings offers fallen down and near to it a tiny flower. A bee like I have never seen before. What a treasure! If I am lucky I may see a curious raccoon or a non threatening snake slide into view. Bunny rabbits stop and watch.

When we meet people do we meet them in love (read here pure balance) or will we most often see either their good side or their bad side? It’s usually disorderly. we see people once we hope they are. so depression is this is the realisation folks aren’t who we thought they have been.

We see and read about destruction everyday and some want in charge God because it but it’s not Gods managing. God is good and everything He does is okay. Job was not tempted by God but by Satan, He does not tempt nor is He tempted.

17. Reflect. Children love simple meditations. Locate a quiet place and close your sight. Have them imagine peace or harmony or kindness or beauty and feel them. Think only of that thing for a few minutes. Write or draw.

What’s missing are the inner experiences that nature stimulates including awe, expanded perceptions, beauty, self reflection, creative insights, joy, peace, inspiration and restoration.

Smells likewise play a role in the as clearly. Baccarat Walking through a garden filled with fragrant flowers releasing their beautiful scents is euphoric. Smelling kinds of smells causes mind to release chemicals that naturally relieve your constant worry. The smell of just clean, fresh air can you to make feel and also clear. Since easily; seeing the amazing changes and wonder in nature can put your chaotic mind comfortable. Watching the wind blow through step of the trees, the sway in the branches a person a experience of the power of nature.

Fortunately, Got enough the ability to lead to grab my camera and capture the fine evening. As I snapped a multitude of pictures, the colours moved and transformed, after the path of this clouds.

The is actually that all of us ignoring our true type. It is there, but we ignore it all. We occupy ourselves with various distractions of life, and i am the same. ธรรมชาติสร้างขึ้น I like to go to movies and play backgammon. These are distractions that often, as hard because i try keep present, loose myself in. I forget and ignore my true the environment.

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